We’re Ready for the Electronics Trade Documents – so are our BlueRing members


Contained.io has been involved in the process of the bill through the All Party Parliamentary Group dedicated to trade and investment, advising and supporting the new legislation proposed in the Electronics Trade Documents Bill (ETD).  Partnering with Enigio gives the BlueRing membership access to digital end-to-end, distributed ledger technology replacing paper with unique traceable electronic documentation. Enigio has been acting as an advisor to the UK government in forming the ETD and driving the changes required for improved efficient commerce processes.

By joining BlueRing you have access to this cutting-edge technology, ensuring you are business ready the moment the Bill is entered into law.

  • Electronic Trade Documentation creation
  • All e-docs have clear ownership, traceability and security
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint & benefit the environment by reducing paper usage, removing the need for documentation transport, reducing emissions & energy consumption
  • Improved and simplified processes, saving time, increasing efficiency & reducing risk.
  • Digital documentation linked within BlueRing to monitoring & telemetry keeps your documentation linked with your activities available to those who need it.

Contained.io is eDoc ready so that you can be too.

Join BlueRing today  https://bluering.contained.io/registration

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